Our Story

It began with a ring of vintage skeleton keys from my dad. Antiques, vintage tools, wooden boxes “treasures” from the past, all had been a part of my upbringing. Repurposing found pieces inspired me along with nature and its ever-transforming quality.  As I looked at the keys, I felt the desire to create something new, a new purpose. The representation of the key, where it had been and the fact that it was designed to unlock something felt important to me. Keeping my favorite key with me to represent unlocking my own potential and direction in the world would serve as a daily reminder, but it needed something more.  

I bought some leather and inspirational charms and blended the three pieces together. As I adorned myself with the historic piece and the message to believe, I felt the power of expression this talisman could hold. The first Amy Louise design was born along with my mission, “To inspire the expression of self, belief in dreams and faith to unlock our gifts.”

Over the past twelve years my designs have evolved to include other vintage and rustic inspired pieces along with stones and crystals from the earth. I have utilized my artistic abilities and attunement of the way in which nature layers upon itself to create such a beautiful canvas. My canvas changes, sometimes it is a space, others a drawing, an expression through words or the accessorizing of jewelry. All designs offer the same emphasis on texture, substance, and an expressive sense of style.

My hope is that each piece of Amy Louise Jewelry will help you to better express your own unique style along with your dreams and inspirations. My current collection are Believe and I am-Inspirit capturing the essence of your personal expression and belief that universal laws govern our world. When we are kind and believe in the best for ourselves and others that is what is attracted to us.

Unlock, believe, inspire, create, hope, share, ….Most importantly, I believe is that of living in peace and love.