Find What Inspires You

Inspiration is sent to each of us, our job is to pay attention to the messages and apply them to our life in a meaningful way. My belief is that the act of creating anything is an expression of the universe operating through you. When you allow the channel to be open, you can receive the light and beauty of our gifts.

My personal mission is “To inspire the expression of self, belief in dreams and faith to unlock our gifts.” We are each created to contribute, the question often arises how do I find my gift, my passion? Being and allowing is all you must do.

I practice the following routine and it seems to reveal the creativity I need each day. Getting in alignment with your highest calling is the key to living an authentic life filled with beauty and opportunity.  A practice that is aligned with stillness and understanding the gifts the universe provides allows you to become fully present to receive and express. We can only let out the amount of air we take in. Take in peace and peace comes out, take in beauty and beauty comes out.

  • Practice gratitude: If the first thing you do when you wake up is say thank you, that is enough. Thank you for this day, this moment. Thank you for my bed, my breath, the sound of birds, another day to create, the sun shining, freedom, light, love, family, health. Thank you thank you thank you! When you live with gratitude you will receive more to be grateful for it is universal law.

The Law of Attraction brings to us what we spend the most time focusing on. Practicing gratitude brings us more to be grateful for.

  • Be still: Stillness is found when we practice being still. Sit, be quiet and listen to the silence. When you take in silence you will find all the answers come to you, it may not be in that moment, but it will come.


My practice of meditation and stillness is the most important step of my day. Every single day without fail after I wake up and say thank you, I go to my yoga mat and allow the power of the spirit to speak to me. Somedays it involves yoga poses, movement, flow, other days I am inspired just to sit breathe and allow. I do not have any other guidelines than that, it is that simple! Just be still and see what happens for you.


  • Journal: After you listen to the voice of your intuition and knowing what is best for you and your day it is helpful to write it down. The act of journaling is clearing and expressive.  Try writing for just 5 minutes and see what comes out, you will find clarity, understanding of yourself and whatever you are looking to expand shows up for you.



Living in harmony and congruence with your desires is a choice.  When we have harmony on the inside our life reflects it on the outside. We create harmony internally when we pay attention to our self-talk. The only person you listen to all day long is your own voice. Be sure that what you are saying to yourself is promoting inner calm and harmony of your spirit. If it, isn’t you are the one with the power to change the tape? 

Be a dreamer and know that you were created to live the most amazing, beautiful life ever. Your glory is made to shine and express itself, shine your light out into the world and know that who you are is a gift to the world.


  • Janet Stever

    Amy, such inspiring words to live by. It makes me want to be still each day and take time to hear the voice inside
    that will bring me peace throughout my day.

  • Kent O Stever

    Beautifully done!!
    Your designs and your thoughts are in perfect alignment.
    Congratulations on your new website , designs and sharing!

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