Jewelry, Yoga and Everything In-Between

Where do my creative ideas come from? I understand one thing about my creativity, it is a gift! A gift I do not take lightly, a gift I cherish and support as best I can. My most creative ideas come to me when I just allow, when I get out of my head and into my body and feel my way to what is wanting to be expressed through me.

Each of my creative endeavors operates the same way. If I am looking to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, a space to live in, a lovely table, graphic collage, photograph, or drawing. When I create I allow, I do not force. There is a quote that says, “Pull a string and it will follow wherever you wish, push it and it will go nowhere at all.” Dwight D Eisenhower. Allowing not forcing is the key to creativity. I know when the design I have made is right because I feel it.

My design style is replicated in everything I do! Form, weight, texture, balance, color. All elements are layered in like the composition of the perfect song. I looked up words that describe creating music, interesting they are the same for every creation I make.

Rhythm, tempo, harmony all are required to make a beautiful song it is the same with physical expressions of creativity. I ask myself what do I want it to feel like? As I Layer in each element, I find the perfect balance for each creation.

Beautiful design has an intrinsic feel that resonates outward. With home design I know that all the senses must be engaged to create the perfect feeling when walking into the space.  I ask myself what I want the person living in the creation to feel. I approach my jewelry design with the same perspective.

What do I want someone to feel like when they wear my designs? I want them to feel a sense of ownership for their magnificence and beauty. I want them to feel like they are living in the music of their souls highest calling. I want them to feel the beauty and self-expression, so it radiates out into the world.

My intrinsic design style if that of layering in texture and components until the combination has the right balance, texture and message. Weight of the components is important, color, finish and connection to the medium. I know it is right when I cannot wait to put it on myself, I know I have allowed the creation to be built exactly right. When I am lost in the creation process everything comes together, effortless effort. My gift becomes your expression of who you are and what you want to feel.

Living in harmony in our life and surrounding ourselves with beautiful design can allow us to express new possibilities. The possibilities of who we are in the world an what we want our life to feel like is a choice we each make on a daily basis. 

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