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How to layer Amy Louise jewelry designs

I recently had a friend of mine ask how she could come up with the perfect combination to wear. When I wore three of my designs, the look and personal expression I showed spoke to her. But how does she do it? What pieces could she blend to make her own personal look? I loved her analogy; she said my designs and combinations feels like a tattoo but less permanent. The personal message that can be conveyed is important. I love that!

How to Layer Amy Louise Jewelry How to Layer Amy Louise Jewelry

When you wear a piece of Amy Louise Jewelry you are making a statement of who you are in the world. Maybe you like to express yourself with one simple design, or you would like to layer and really showcase what appeals to you. I would like to help you to come up with some combinations and inspiration of how to layer.

When I layer I look at the outfit I am wearing and see what it needs. Deciding on what you put on for me seems to be determined by where I am going and what I would like to express. If  I am going to my workout class, I wear two simple chokers. My two favorites are Miracle and Noor. It reminds me that I am “blessed” and I am “light “energetically speaking of course. Both are gold, the charms are different sizes which brings interest, and the texture of the chains is different which brings in another level of interest.  

When I am going out for date night, I start with the outfit I have selected. Areas that are important to look at are colors that I am wearing, neckline and amount of texture or pattern in my clothing. Just like when I select an outfit, I start with the statement piece and embellish from there. The jewelry works the same!

I begin with a statement design, like Bishop which is long and has multiple tones and finishes. The next item to layer in is some weight to anchor the long piece and pull some of the tones back up to my face. I selected Pillar, which features a wire wrapped pearl and gold chain. To add further interest and another texture and tone I add Gigi which is silver with a little piece of bling and I wear it  bit tighter around my neck than Patton. I haven’t brought in my message piece yet so I select what I want to say tonight. My standby is Miracle again, because I want to remain light and bright. Done with necklaces, now I can layer in bracelet stacks. I'm ready to go, Now it's your turn!

How to Layer Amy Louise Jewelry


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